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Measurement System Analysis MSA

MSA is a quality method that controls and displays if a selected measurement system meets the requirements. Each measurement includes a deviation. The deviation exists due to different causes. The most common causes are measurement inaccuracy, different measurement skills of operators or wrong use of the instrument.

In addition to the Gauge R&R result, the partly result values for measurement repeatability and reproducibility are calculated. The MSA file is designed for up to 3 operators, up to 3 repeatable measurements and up to 10 objects of measurement.

Files for the following tests are included:
   - MSA (3 tests, 3 operators, 10 objects)
   - MSA (Attribute)
   - MSA (Measurement Capability)

Functional Scope

   - up to 3 operators
   - up to 3 repeatable measurements
   - up to 10 objects
   - automatic calculation of Gauge R&R value
   - automatic evaluation of the result

MSA "Datasheet" - Sheet

The analytical results and other information to be entered in this data sheet. The result of the test is displayed directly here.

MSA "User Manual" - Sheet

Here is a brief review of the theory behind the MSA and a description how to handle this tool.


The price for the tool Measurement System Analysis MSA is 2.000 SEK excl. VAT.


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