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Capability Study

Capability Study or so called viability test checks if a machine or a process can obtain the specified requirements. You talk about viability of a machine or a process. The machine could be, for example, a press, a robot station, an impact wrench and even an entire assembly line.

When one or more machines have been producing for a long time and therefore been affected by material variations, human intervention as setup and maintenance, environment and the ravages of time, we define this as a process. The capability study file calculates both capability parameters, target value centrering and controls how the results are distributed and shows the results in a diagram.

Functional Scope

   - up to 250 measurements
   - can deal with unilateral tolerances
   - automatic calculation of all capability parameters
   - presentation the result in a diagram
   - check the normality of the distribution
   - evaluation of results

Capability Study "Datasheet" - Sheet

Target value, tolerance specifications, measurements and other information to be fed in this data sheet.

Capability Study "Result" - Sheet

The results of the capability study is displayed in three different graphs:

Capability diagram (showing whether the result is normally distributed and all calculated capability parameters foreseeable in a table)

Production sequence (showing the change in results during production)

Histogram (showing the position against tolerance limits)

Capability Study "User Manual" - Sheet

Here is a brief review of the theory behind the capability study and a description how to handle this tool.


The price for the tool Capability Study is 2.000 SEK excl. VAT.


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