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As Interim Manager, we can be an additional resource in the management group or organization as well as be a mentor and support for business leaders.
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Within Project Management, we use agile and traditional project management models and are experienced to lead projects both internationally and cross-functionally.
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  To Change Management

For Change Management, we have developed our own model for organizational changes. Change Management requires a helicopter perspective, process thinking and a cross-functional approach.
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  To Education

Education is absolutely crucial for how to succeed with a business development approach. A well-developed development plan with supporting educations which is implemented always pays back.
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     To Excel Quality Tools

Excel Quality Tools allows due to their easy use, to actively delegate quality assurance work down to business level. This, in addition to increased understanding, also creates participation in this important process.
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Here you find more information about the company Q2 Management Development AB.
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Use Contact us to send a request, a message or to get in touch with us.
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Order now our "Excel Quality Tools" for your business.
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