Change Management

We at Q2 Management Development have a deep experience, diverse industry knowledge
and a solid knowledge of project management.

We have an own transformation model designed for organizational changes.
Change Management requires a helicopter perspective, process thinking and a cross-functional
approach, so all interfaces, forums and other organizational context falls at the right place.

Our expertise is covering the following management and business areas:

Business Development & Strategy Business Development & Strategy - We can support you with:

  - Situation analysis - Where are we today?
  - Product analysis - What are our Key Selling Points?
  - Customer analysis - Which customers have business potential?
  - Channel analysis - How do we reach our customers?
  - Competitive analysis - How do we create competitive edges?
  - Business risk analysis
  - Strategic business simulation
Marketing & Sales Development Marketing & Sales Development - We can support you with:

  - Strategy for growth, customer focus and customer value
  - Focus on new sales or existing customers
  - Sales budget and marketing plans
  - Monitoring and visualization of sales performance
  - Sales organization, agent network or distributors
  - Sales calculation
  - Product and service classification
  - Marketing activities
  - Customer service activities
Market Development Market Development - We can support you with:

  - Export venture in Europe, Asia or the United States
  - Market analysis - How does the intended market work?
  - Competitive analysis - How does the competition look like?
  - Export strategy and implementation plan
  - Establishment of own sales organization
  - Cooperation contracts with agents and distributors
  - Business contact with new customers
Q2 Management Development AB
Improvement & Process Optimization Improvement & Process Optimization - We can support you with:

  - Process mapping - How is the current situation?
  - Review of improvement areas
  - Implementation of process improvements
  - Validation and monitoring of process performance
  - Process methods such as Lean, 6-Sigma, Kanban, Kaizen
  - Process control and assurance
  - Visualisation of process results
  - Demandadjusted staffing and resource usage
  - Product calculation
Innovation & Project Management Innovation & Project Management - We can support you with::

  - Strategy for innovation and development
  - Process for product and service development
  - Model for efficient product development
  - Product development in-house or together with customers
  - Investment documentation and risk analysis
  - Supplier assurance and development
  - Project calculation
  - Patent and trademark issues
Management & Management Support Management & Management Support - We can support you with:

  - Work on vision, goal & strategy
  - Work with culture & values
  - Active leadership
  - Work with the delegation of responsibility and authority
  - Functional structure of forums and meetings
  - Business planning
  - Business management (KPI's)
  - Structural business improvement for ex factory turnaround
  - Group and team development
  - Support, coaching and mentorship